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REI Business Model/Customer Ownership comes to You for Your Pets


Your Gift Card counts towards ownership (still have to set this up). Help with this would be greatly appreciated.

We want to be like REI, just don't know how to do it exactly.


We will pay dividends to  member-owners, our eventual goal is to give more than 70% of our profits back to the crazy animal loving communities in the form of Second Chance. Second Chance is a program where nominees are submitted by you the members about people who have sacrificed personally to take care of a pet and or that pets owner and doing so has put them in hardship. For instance one of the siblings is foregoing college to take care of her 2 siblings, the cat with health issues after the Mother passes.This really happened in Las Vegas. The company that inspired name Petnetwork for a two way radio for training dogs Did this:

The owner showed up in Las Vegas, went and took care of the veterinary bill with Dr. Bill Taylor (at Mountain Vista), went to the apartment and paid the rent for the same amount of time he went to UNLV and paid the young lady's tuition through Graduation and further if she chose to continue with education. A trust was set up for the other two kids for their higher education.

The owner of the company came in anonymously and relieved the family of stress.

PetNetwork wants to do this.


I was forbidden to say a word of what he was doing. The Canadian company The Hear Now never promoted Second Chance. They just did it.

We intend to restart the program except this time everyone will know it's a network of people with pets.  From you, the owners of PetNetwork.

Thanks Simon for your idea!